About Stephanie

Stephanie Hansen


Traveling to me is about connection. Joyful connection to the people and places we are visiting. If you are looking to connect, discover, and learn while on vacation I am the person to book with.

Everywhere I go I make connections. There are so many beautiful places to experience and wonderful people to meet wherever your journey takes you. Even if all you want to do is find a peaceful place to read that book that has been on your reading list forever, let me help you get to that space. 

Dream of going North? I lived there 11 years. Is your favorite season fall, and you want to experience New England or Eastern and Atlantic Canada? I grew up in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. Want to experience the West? I live here now. When I live somewhere, I travel the region. Want to explore beyond the US and Canada? I’m connected to a network of experienced travel consultants and know how to find what you are looking for.

I look forward to booking your next vacation!



To help travelers find joy in their journey.


Travelers joyfully learn through their journeys with respect for the cultures and environments they visit.


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